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DB17 IP-Country-Region-City-Latitude-Longitude-TimeZone-NetSpeed-Weather Database

USD $799.00 / Year * FOR SINGLE SERVER
IP2Location™ IP-Country-Region-City-Latitude-Longitude-TimeZone-NetSpeed-Weather Database [DB17] provides a solution to determine the country, region or state, city, latitude and longitude, time zone, net speed, weather station code, and weather station name of origin for any IP address in a few simple steps. First, retrieve the IP address from the networking protocol or server-side variable of the Web server. Next, translate the IP address to an IP number in decimal format to speed up the database query. Lastly, reverse lookup the IP number from the IP2Location™ database to pinpoint the exact geographical location.

This is a database subscription service. You can download all monthly updates for free if subscription is active.

IPv4 and IPv6 supported.



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Features Translates IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) to country, region or state, city, latitude and longitude, time zone, net speed, weather station code, and weather station name.
Current Version April 2017
Next Update May 2017
Database Size 138.54 MB (10,068,746 Rows)
Database Format ASCII Text File (Comma Delimited) and BIN (API)
Total Cities >110,000 (See Worldwide Coverage)


Name Type Description
ip_from INT(10) / Decimal(39,0)†† First IP address in netblock.
ip_to INT(10) / Decimal(39,0)†† Last IP address in netblock.
country_code CHAR(2) Two-character country code based on ISO 3166.
country_name VARCHAR(64) Country name based on ISO 3166.
region_name VARCHAR(128) Region or state name.
city_name VARCHAR(128) City name.
latitude DOUBLE Latitude of city.
longitude DOUBLE Longitude of city.
time_zone VARCHAR(8) UTC time zone (with DST supported).
net_speed VARCHAR(8) Internet connection type.
DIAL = dial up, DSL = broadband/cable/fiber, COMP = company/T1
weather_station_code VARCHAR(10) The special code to identify the nearest weather observation station.
weather_station_name VARCHAR(128) The name of the nearest weather observation station.
†† IPv6


Name Description  
Continent Multilingual Continent name in multiple languages. More Info
Country Multilingual Country name in multiple languages. More Info
City Multilingual City name in multiple languages. More Info
Weather Station Code IP2Location Weather Station Code to Yahoo! WOEID, ICAO airport code and IATA code mapping data. More Info
Country Flags Countries flag icon in multiple sizes. More Info
World SVG Map World border shape in SVG format. More Info
ISO 3166-2 Subdivision Code ISO 3166-2 codes for the names of countries and their subdivisions. More Info
Olson TimeZone Olson TimeZone value for cities. More Info



License Agreement: General Terms and Conditions for the database licensing.

Server License: The number of license required for server installation.

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