IP2Proxy™ Web Service

USD $50.00 / 10,000 Credits * For 1 year

The IP2Proxy™ Proxy Detection Web Service is a hosted Web Service that allows instant detection of anonymous proxy, VPN and TOR exit nodes by IP address. It's a REST API supporting JSON and XML response.



All successful HTTP request will return a response code of 200. In our web API, it also returns the lookup country code and country name if successful or error code if failed.

Each API unit subscription allows 10,000 query credits. If you need more credits, please add multiple units during checkout. Total credits will be in multiplier (x 10,000) of number of units paid. An unique API key will be provided to query the web service.

IP2Proxy™ Web API uses a single web interface to perform the lookup logic. The protocol used is HTTP GET. You can test this API as easy as using a web browser.





Name Description
key (required) API key. Please use "demo" for evaluation.
ip (required) IP address (IPv4) for lookup purpose. If not present, the server IP address will be used for the lookup.
format (optional) If not present, json format will be returned as the search result. Valid value: json | xml


Name Description
response OK if success, otherwise failed.
countryCode 2 digits country code
countryName Country name
isProxy YES if the IP is a Proxy. NO if the IP is not a proxy.



You can try out our web service by using the demo key. For example, http://api.ip2proxy.com/?ip= Demo query limit is 20 per day.

JSON Example:


JSON Result:


XML Example:


XML Result:




If you need other XML based web services, please visit http://www.fraudlabs.com