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IP2Location™ IP Address Demo

We offer free IP location query up to 50 IP addresses per day. Sign up for a demo account to be entitled to a higher IP lookup limit. You still have 48/50 query limit available for today.
This demo uses the data from IP2Location DB24 geolocation database and IP2Proxy PX4 anonymous proxy database for results.

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IP Lookup Result

United States
New Jersey
40.858430, -74.163760 (40°51'30"N   74°9'50"W)
DigitalOcean LLC
18 Jan, 2019 02:39 PM (UTC -05:00)
(COMP) Company/T1
(1) 973
Clifton (USNJ0095)
(DCH) Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit


IP2Location provides free multilingual data of country, region and city names for our customers to download.

Continent Names North America (EN), Nord-Amerika (NO), Severní Amerika (CS), Meiriceá Thuaidh (GA), North America (KI), Северная Америка (RU) & 75 more...
Country Names United States (EN), Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës (SQ), États-Unis (FR), Estats Units (EUA) (CA), USA (NO), Unol Daleithiau America (CY) & 75 more...
Region Names New Jersey (EN), New Jersey (CS), New Jersey (IT), New Jersey (MS), New Jersey (NL) & more...
City Names Clifton (EN)


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