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This PHP module helps the user to find the IP addresses which are used as VPN anonymizer, open proxies, web proxies and Tor exits by calling the IP2Proxy API.

NOTE: This module will require an IP2Proxy Web Service API key to function.

  1. Run the command:
    composer require ip2location/ip2proxy-php

    Note: You just need to include the below code in order to use the library.
    require 'vendor/autoload.php';
Sample Codes
require 'class.IP2Proxy.php';

// Lookup by Web API
$ws = new \IP2Proxy\WebService('YOUR_API_KEY',  'PX8', false);

$results = $ws->lookup('');

if ($results !== false) {
    echo '<p><strong>Country Code: </strong>' . $results['countryCode'] . '</p>';
    echo '<p><strong>Country Name: </strong>' . $results['countryName'] . '</p>';
    echo '<p><strong>Region: </strong>' . $results['regionName'] . '</p>';
    echo '<p><strong>City: </strong>' . $results['cityName'] . '</p>';
    echo '<p><strong>ISP: </strong>' . $results['isp'] . '</p>';
    echo '<p><strong>Domain: </strong>' . $results['domain'] . '</p>';
    echo '<p><strong>Usage Type: </strong>' . $results['usageType'] . '</p>';
    echo '<p><strong>ASN: </strong>' . $results['asn'] . '</p>';
    echo '<p><strong>AS: </strong>' . $results['as'] . '</p>';
    echo '<p><strong>Last Seen: </strong>' . $results['lastSeen'] . ' Day(s)</p>';
    echo '<p><strong>Proxy Type: </strong>' . $results['proxyType'] . '</p>';
    echo '<p><strong>Is Proxy: </strong>' . $results['isProxy'] . '</p>';