IP2Location™ provides free/open source libraries, commercial libraries, extensions/plugins, and tutorials to facilitate users on application integration by using IP2Location™ Binary (.BIN) database.

If you can develop an IP2Location Open Source Library in any languages, middlewares, applications or operating systems that is still unavailable, please contact us with your idea to see if it is qualifying for IP2Location Development Fund.


Free/Open Source




Sample IP2Location Databases (BIN)

The following evaluation copy of the database file has limited range of IP address information compare to commercial. For evaluation purpose, you can query IP addresses from (IPv4) or 2A04:0:0:0:0:0:0:0-2A04:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF (IPv6).

Sample Packages IPv4 IPv6
IP2Location DB1 Sample Bin File343.83 kB88.24 kB
IP2Location DB2 Sample Bin File37.60 MB104.78 kB
IP2Location DB3 Sample Bin File12.87 MB95.11 kB
IP2Location DB4 Sample Bin File48.33 MB110.79 kB
IP2Location DB5 Sample Bin File20.11 MB99.57 kB
IP2Location DB6 Sample Bin File55.53 MB115.11 kB
IP2Location DB7 Sample Bin File53.72 MB118.70 kB
IP2Location DB8 Sample Bin File61.17 MB122.75 kB
IP2Location DB9 Sample Bin File23.66 MB102.04 kB
IP2Location DB10 Sample Bin File65.45 MB126.01 kB
IP2Location DB11 Sample Bin File24.16 MB102.56 kB
IP2Location DB12 Sample Bin File65.91 MB126.58 kB
IP2Location DB13 Sample Bin File23.76 MB100.28 kB
IP2Location DB14 Sample Bin File66.70 MB126.84 kB
IP2Location DB15 Sample Bin File26.21 MB105.33 kB
IP2Location DB16 Sample Bin File70.81 MB130.89 kB
IP2Location DB17 Sample Bin File29.19 MB105.64 kB
IP2Location DB18 Sample Bin File76.50 MB137.52 kB
IP2Location DB19 Sample Bin File63.19 MB123.39 kB
IP2Location DB20 Sample Bin File78.45 MB138.44 kB
IP2Location DB21 Sample Bin File28.65 MB107.07 kB
IP2Location DB22 Sample Bin File81.42 MB140.49 kB
IP2Location DB23 Sample Bin File63.63 MB123.78 kB
IP2Location DB24 Sample Bin File82.13 MB140.90 kB