Block Visitors by Country

Do you want to block visitors by country?

You can now block them easily with our free blocking service for Apache Web Server. Simply select the countries you want to block from your Website and press the "Download" button.

Instantly, the .htaccess information is generated for you. Copy and paste this generated code into your .htaccess file and it denies the visitors from the selected country to access your Website. You can efficiently block unwanted traffic from non-converting, fraud and spamming countries you do not want to give access.

If you want to block visitors in IIS Web Server, please consider the commercial edition of the IP2Location ISAPI Filter.

It is very easy to use our IP block country generator.

Step 1: Choose IPv4 or IPv6

Select IP address version.



Step 2: Select the countries from the list you want to block

Anonymous user can generates table for 1 country at one time. Registered user can generates up to 30 countries at one time. Get your free account now here.

(Press CTRL + Click for multiple selection)

Step 3: Select the output format


Looking for a visitor blocking solution for wordpress site? Check out our free wordpress plugin at IP2Location Country Blocker