IP2Location™ Download Client

download.pl is a Perl script to download IP2Location™ database from the server. Subscribers can use this script to automate the download process without visiting the download area manually. Please download the database once a month on the first week of the calendar month.

We only update IP2Location databases on the first day of the calendar month. Please download the database once a month during a random day from the first week of calendar month to avoid network congestion.


package Database package. (DB1, DB2...DB24, DB1BIN, DB2BIN...DB24BIN, or PX1)
You may login to your account area and get the package code (or, download code) at Download page.
login Subscriber login name.
password Subscriber password.
output Output file name. (Optional)
help Display help file.

./download.pl -package DB1 -login mylogin -password mypassword



Linux Setup

First save the download.pl to your installation directory. Make the script executable and run the script using your installation directory:

chmod 755 download.pl


Windows Setup

All Windows user need to install the ActivePerl in their system before executing this script. Please visit ActiveState website for free installation of ActivePerl.

First save the download.pl to your installation directory. Open a command line prompt and change directory to your installation directory.

perl download.pl ...

Note: For Windows, you can use the download.exe to replace the download.pl to skip the Perl interpreter installation requirements.


Other Applications

You can also automate the download process using the common HTTP applications such as wget or curl.


wget "http://www.ip2location.com/download?productcode=<product>&login=<login>&password=<password>" --output-document=<local_file_name>



curl -o <local_file_name> "http://www.ip2location.com/download?productcode=<product>&login=<login>&password=<password>"


Automate the data downloading and database loading using script

You can also automate the entire download, unzipping and loading of IP2Location data into database using bash or shell script.