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IP2Location offers several types of license. In general, there are a) Standard License and b) Site License for internal use or c) Redistribution (SaaS / On-Premise) License for external use or d) Web Service License for remote API. Please refer to the following table for more information about licensing types and conditions.

a) Standard License

  Database Products

Server Type Licensing
Production Server
(Single/Multi-Core/Multi-CPU Processor/Virtualization/Instance/Node)
One License per Server Installation
Backup/Hot Swap/Testing/Mirror Server
(Single/Multi-Core/Multi-CPU Processor/Virtualization/Instance/Node)
One License per Server Installation
Cloud/Distributed Database Server
(Amazon Aurora, Google Cloud Spanner, Azure Cosmos DB ...)
Site License Required
Development/Testing Server No License Required if Development/Testing Server Removed in 3-Month Period
OEM Integration/Redistribution One License per Server/Desktop Installation


  Software Products

Server Type Licensing
(Single/Multi-Core/Multi-CPU Processor/Virtualization/Cloud/Instance/Node)
One License per Server Installation
OEM Integration/Redistribution Please refer to Redistribution (On-Premise) License


b) Site License

If you plan to install the IP2Location database or software in more than 20 machines in your organization, you should consider to upgrade it to Site License because it is more cost-effective. The cost is flat for any number of server installation. Please visit IP2Location Site License for shopping cart.


c) Redistribution License

We offer a special redistribution license that allows software developers to include our solutions with their own products. With this license you can embed our database products within your own software program either as "SaaS" or "On-Premise" installation. Please visit IP2Location Redistribution License for quotation.


d) Web Service License

We offer API license that allows remote queries to API hosted in our servers. The license fee is pay-per-use basis depends to your API and data required. With this license you can embed IP2Location API or IP2Proxy API within your own internal applications. Please visit IP2Location Web Service and IP2Proxy Web Service for more information.


Standard vs. Site vs. Redistribution vs. Web Service License Comparison

Choose a right license for your projects based on comparison table below.

Annual Subscription
Internal Usage
External Usage
Unlimited Installation
Limited Installation
Database Non-Distributable
Data Redistributable
Redistribution (SaaS)
Redistribution (On Premise)
Web Service