Bringing Location to the Internet

Ruby Library

This is a Ruby library that enables the user to find the country, region, city, coordinates, zip code, time zone, ISP, domain name, connection type, area code, weather, MCC, MNC, mobile brand name, elevation and usage type that any IP address or hostname originates from. It has been optimized for speed and memory utilization. Developers can use the API to query all IP2Location™ binary databases for applications written in C or supporting static/dynamic library.

Download IP2Location Ruby Library (981.15 kB) Version: 6.0.0


  1. Download the ruby package above.
  2. Decompress the package
    tar xvfz ip2location-ruby-x.x.x.tar.gz
  3. Install ip2location_ruby using RubyGems
    gem install ip2location_ruby
  4. Run the script
    ruby -rubygems example.rb


Sample Codes
require 'ip2location_ruby'

i2l ="./data/IP-COUNTRY-SAMPLE.BIN")
record = i2l.get_all('')

print 'Country Code: ' + record.country_short + "\n"
print 'Country Name: ' + record.country_long + "\n"
print 'Region Name: ' + record.region + "\n"
print 'City Name: ' + + "\n"
print 'Latitude: '
print record.latitude
print "\n"
print 'Longitude: '
print record.longitude
print "\n"
print 'ISP: ' + record.isp + "\n"
print 'Domain: ' + record.domain + "\n"
print 'Net Speed: ' + record.netspeed + "\n"
print 'Area Code: ' + record.areacode + "\n"
print 'IDD Code: ' + record.iddcode + "\n"
print 'Time Zone: ' + record.timezone + "\n"
print 'ZIP Code: ' + record.zipcode + "\n"
print 'Weather Station Code: ' + record.weatherstationname + "\n"
print 'Weather Station Name: ' + record.weatherstationcode + "\n"
print 'MCC: ' + record.mcc + "\n"
print 'MNC: ' + record.mnc + "\n"
print 'Mobile Name: ' + record.mobilebrand + "\n"
print 'Elevation: '
print record.elevation
print "\n"
print 'Usage Type: ' + record.usagetype + "\n"


Sample Database (BIN)

Evaluation version of the database file having limited range of IP address information. You can query all IP addresses from to only.