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IP2Location IP Geolocation D Library

This IP Geolocation library is the D programming language library to support all IP2Location™ database products. It has been optimized for speed and memory utilization. Developers can use the module to query all IP2Location™ binary databases for applications written using the D programming language and get IP geolocation information from IP addresses.

Installation Using Dub
"dependencies": {
	"ip2location-d": "~master"
Sample Codes
import std.stdio;
import ip2location : ip2location;

int main() {
	ip2location ip2loc = new ip2location(db);
	auto results = ip2loc.get_all("");

	writeln("country_short: ", results.country_short);
	writeln("country_long: ", results.country_long);
	writeln("region: ", results.region);
	writeln("city: ", results.city);
	writeln("isp: ", results.isp);
	writefln("latitude: %f", results.latitude);
	writefln("longitude: %f", results.longitude);
	writeln("domain: ", results.domain);
	writeln("zipcode: ", results.zipcode);
	writeln("timezone: ", results.timezone);
	writeln("netspeed: ", results.netspeed);
	writeln("iddcode: ", results.iddcode);
	writeln("areacode: ", results.areacode);
	writeln("weatherstationcode: ", results.weatherstationcode);
	writeln("weatherstationname: ", results.weatherstationname);
	writeln("mcc: ", results.mcc);
	writeln("mnc: ", results.mnc);
	writeln("mobilebrand: ", results.mobilebrand);
	writefln("elevation: %f", results.elevation);
	writeln("usagetype: ", results.usagetype);
	writeln("addresstype: ", results.addresstype);
	writeln("category: ", results.category);

	writeln("API Version: ", ip2loc.api_version());
	return 0;