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Whitelist Search Engine Crawlers in Firewall

Do you want to whitelist robots by search engine?

Select the search engines you want to whitelist, output format and press the "Download" button.

The output format supported are Apache .htaccess, iptables (CIDR), Netmask, Inverse Netmask, IIS web.config and Cisco ACL. Please find the details below:

Format Sample Output
Apache .htaccess allow allow from
Apache .htaccess deny deny from
Linux iptables iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP
Inverse Netmask
Web.config allow <ipSecurity allowUnlisted="false">
<add ipAddress="" subnetMask=""/>
Web.config deny <ipSecurity allowUnlisted="true">
<add ipAddress="" subnetMask=""/>
Cisco ACL deny ip any


Step 1: Select the search engines from the list you want to whitelist

Unregistered user can generates table for 1 search engine at one time. Registered user can generates all search engines at one time. Register your free account here today.

(Press CTRL + Click for multiple search engine selection)

Step 2: Choose the output format

Select one output format from drop-down list.


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