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IP2Location™ World SVG Map

IP2Location provides you free download of world SVG map file. It consists of 249 countries as according to the ISO-3166 standard supported by IP2Location. The SVG map can be very useful in many areas, for example, to color the countries with gradient based on certain metrics, to highlight country border and many more. Below we demonstrate you on how to color the world SVG map with gradient based on the IP address ownership year 2011. You may take a look at Internet IP Address 2012 Report for details of ownership report.

Download Source Code and SVG Map
Top 10 IP Address Ownership by Country in 2011. Source: Internet IP Address 2012 Report
  United States (34.4662%)
  China (11.1670%)
  United Kingdom (7.7272%)
  Japan (6.9404%)
  Korea Republic Of (3.8830%)
  Germany (3.4851%)
  France (3.1848%)
  Canada (2.2622%)
  Italy (1.7078%)
  Australia (1.6861%)
  Other Countries (23.4902%)
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