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IP2Location™ Traceroute Application

Are you looking for free network diagnostic tool or traceroute application to determine if there is a connection problem or latency connecting to a site, or do you wish to know how data on the internet travels from one source to its destination?

IP2Location™ Traceroute Application is an open-source command line application that performs traceroute with geolocation information to detect country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP, domain name, timezone, connection speed, IDD code, area code, weather station code, weather station name, MCC, MNC, mobile brand name, elevation, usage type, address type, IAB category and ASN. It is using IP2Location BIN database for quick local lookup without external API.

Two languages are supported, which is C and Python. This runs on Linux as well as on MacOS.

Traceroute Application For Python
Installation - For Python
  1. Run the following command in your command prompt:
    pip install IP2Trace
  2. Run the traceroute application
    ip2tracepy -p -d /usr/share/ip2location/DB3.BIN
Usage - For Python


  • -d, --database Specify the path of IP2Location BIN database file.
  • -h, -?, --help Display help guide.
  • -p, --ip Specify an IP address or hostname.
  • -t, --ttl Set the max number of hops. (Default: 30)
  • -o, --output Set the desired IP2Location BIN database columns to output with. Available columns are: country_code, country_name, region_name, city_name, isp, latitude, longitude, domain, zip_code, time_zone, net_speed, idd_code, area_code, weather_station_code, weather_station_name, mcc, mnc, mobile_brand, elevation, usage_type.
  • -a, --all Print all the column(s) available based on the BIN file used.
  • -v, --version Print the version.

ip2tracepy -p -d /usr/share/ip2location/DB3.BIN -t 20
IP2Location Geolocation Traceroute (ip2trace) Version 3.0.0
Copyright (c) 2021 IP2Location.com [MIT License]

 1  0.3853ms ["GB","England","London"]
 2  0.4084ms ["-","-","-"]
 3  0.2673ms ["-","-","-"]
 4  0.5546ms ["GB","England","London"]
 5  1.8706ms ["US","New York","New York City"]
 6  0.5715ms ["GB","England","London"]
 7  0.5193ms ["US","California","Mountain View"]
 8  0.4749ms ["US","California","Mountain View"]
 9  0.5693ms ["US","Mountain View"]

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