Country Information - Moldova (Republic of)

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33,851 km2



Moldovan Leu





Top 10 ASN

ASN (Autonomous System Name) is a unique identifier for a group of IP networks. For more information, let's try our FREE ASN database and API.

Usage Types

Usage types identify how an IP address is utilized, aiding in network optimization. Try our IP geolocation database and API.

Usage Types Code Usage Types Name Number of IPs   Example IP
ISP/MOB Fixed line/Mobile ISP 691,913
ISP Fixed line ISP 420,456
DCH Data center/Web hosting/Transit 134,210
MOB Mobile ISP 79,866
COM Commercial 21,631
EDU University/College/School 5,888
CDN Content delivery network 2,077
SES Search engine spider 9

Top 10 Mobile Carriers

Mobile carrier identifies the network provider and is commonly used for personalized services. Explore our databases and API for more information.

Mobile Carrier Mobile Country Code Mobile Network Code Number of IPs    Example IP
UnitE 259 03/05/99 562,176
Orange 259 01 170,752
Moldcell 259 02 38,912

Top 10 IAB Category

IAB Category categorizes internet users for targeted advertising and content personalization. Explore our IAB data and IP Geolocation API.

IAB Category IAB Name Number of IPs    Example IP
IAB19-18 Internet Technology 1,153,329
IAB19-11 Data Centers 136,552
IAB19-6 Cell Phones 38,906
IAB24 Uncategorized 13,696
IAB5-11 Homework/Study Tips 4,608
IAB13 Personal Finance 2,304
IAB5 Education 1,536
IAB13-2 Credit/Debt & Loans 1,280
IAB1-7 Television 1,024
IAB3-4 Business Software 512

Proxy Types

Proxy types classify proxies and thus help in enhancing security. Try our Proxy type database and Proxy API for more information.

Proxy Types Number of IPs    Example IP
[DCH] Hosting provider, data center or content delivery network 120,999
[VPN] Virtual private network 13,608
[RES] Residential proxies 3,155
[EPN] 2,125
[PUB] Public proxies 812
[CPN] 111
[TOR] Tor exit nodes 13
[SES] Search engine robots 9

Top 10 VPN Providers

VPN providers reveal VPN proxy connections, preventing fraud. Secure your connections with our proxy database and FREE Proxy Detection API.

VPN Providers Number IPs for Moldova (Republic of)    Example IP
NetProtect 1,024
NordVPN 512
Proxy-Cheap 512
UnitVpn 512
SurfShark VPN 272
biubiuVPN 256
StrongVPN 253
Private Internet Access 26
CyberGhost 24

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