IP2Location Affiliate Program FAQs

It costs absolutely nothing to become an affiliate. However, you need to have a website for the sign up.

IP2Location needs to validate your account against the website which the affiliate link has been embedded. It can be any website, such as wordpress, blogger, squidoo, self-hosted website, that you have the permission to add the affiliate link. This is required for the account activation.

You need to embed your affiliate link or banner, that you can find from your affiliate account area, into your website. After that, you just need to request the validation from the affiliate account page.

IP2Location Affiliates can earn 10% commission on each sale of a product available from our website for up to 2 years.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is US$100. IP2Location will transfer the amount to your Paypal account by the first week of next calendar month upon formal request.

When you sign-up as an affiliate you'll be given a unique affiliate link that IP2Location uses to track the referral purchase.

IP2Location will track visitors you send to IP2Location.com for 2 years and accrue the sales made during this period toward your commission.

Yes, you can view your referral status and referral purchases through the affiliate account area.

Your referral sales will be updated daily, but not in real-time.

You can get the affiliate banners at https://www.ip2location.com/affiliate-banner. There are 3 different designs available.

  • Paid - we have paid you the commission as per your withdrawal request.
  • Ready - the commission is ready for withdrawal request. However, this is still subject to our minimum withdrawal requirement.
  • Void - the transaction was voided due to refund or chargeback within 180 days.
  • Reserve - we will reserve the commission for up to 180 days to make sure that the transaction is legitimate with no chargeback or refund being filed during this period.

Please email us at .