IP2Location Affiliate Program

IP2Location Affiliate Program


  • Invite customers to use IP2Location.com's geolocation products or services
  • Get a 10% lifetime affiliate commission on the business generated
  • IP2Location.com handles billing and technical support
  • Earnings accumulate in your IP2Location.com account
  • Withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account
  • No fees to join the program


With our Affiliate Program, you can recommend our IP2Location geolocation products or services to customers by sharing your affiliate link and/or embedding the affiliate banner on your blog/website. The link/banner has special codes in them to track who visited our website from it. If any of those visitors proceed to order on IP2Location.com then you will be paid a 10% commission for it.

The affiliate link is specific to you and is a public link. You can freely share it on Facebook, Twitter and other places. Cookies used to track affiliate referrals last for ten years. If a referral comes back at a later date using the same browser, you will get credit for that referral.


The earnings will be credited to your IP2Location.com affiliate account. You can withdraw the amount to your PayPal account anytime once it was in Ready status and exceeded the withdrawal threshold. Please note that IP2Location will withhold the amount for up to 180 days in case of chargebacks or refund event occurs. During this withhold period, you should notice the Reserve status for the order.


  • You can invite anyone as long as they are not already registered with IP2Location.com.
  • Please do not spam people with invites. We take spam reports very seriously and it might lead to your account getting blocked.
  • Affiliate commissions are only payable for referrals to non-affiliated companies. Commissions are not available for purchases within the same or related company and purchases made by consultants.