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PX3 contains IP addresses which are being used as VPN servers, open proxies, web proxies, Tor exits, search engine robots, data center ranges (PX2-PX11), residential proxies (PX10-PX11), consumer privacy networks (PX11), enterprise private networks (PX11) and VPN provider name (PX11).

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Product Features
Current Version July 16, 2024
Next Update July 17, 2024 (00:00 GMT+0)
Database Format Binary (BIN)
ASCII Text File (CSV)
IPv4 Database Size CSV: 294.23 MB (3,804,624 Rows)
IPv6 Database Size CSV: 362.13 MB (4,030,618 Rows)
IPv4 + IPv6 Binary Size BIN: 211.21 MB
  • One year subscription (365 days)
  • Database in text CSV (Comma Separated) format
  • Supports all server platforms and programming languages
  • Fresh daily update of proxy database. New proxy database will be ready for download at 00:00 UTC daily.
  • Automate download process by download script. Subscribe to IP2Proxy Web Service or IP2Proxy Batch Service for a hosted service.
Database Fields
Name Type Description
ip_from INT(10) / Decimal(39,0) First IP address in netblock.
ip_to INT(10) / Decimal(39,0) Last IP address in netblock.
proxy_type VARCHAR(3) Type of proxy.
country_code CHAR(2) Two-character country code based on ISO 3166.
country_name VARCHAR(64) Country name based on ISO 3166.
region_name VARCHAR(128) Region or state name.
city_name VARCHAR(128) City name.


Proxy Type Description Anonymity
VPN Virtual Private Networks: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that provides users with a publicly accessible server to conceal their IP addresss. High
TOR Tor Exit Nodes: The Tor Project is an open network used by those seeking anonymity via a free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network that consists of more thousands relays. High
DCH Hosting Provider, Data Center or Content Delivery Network: As hosting providers and data centers can contribute to anonymity, the IP2Proxy database flags IP addresses associated with them. Low
PUB Public Proxies: These services make connection requests on a user's behalf. Proxy server software can be configured by the administrator to listen on a specified port. They differ from VPNs in that proxies usually have limited functions compared to VPNs. High
WEB Web Proxies: These are web services that make HTTP requests on behalf of a user. They differ from VPNs or Public Proxies as they operate as simple web proxies rather than at the IP address and other ports level. High
SES Search Engine Robots: These are services that perform crawling or scraping on a website, such as the search engine spider or bot engine. Low
Total IP Address By Proxy Type
Proxy Type Total IPV4 Address Total IPV6 Address
TOR 1,581 1,978
WEB 3,630 4,523
PUB 1,148,356 1,154,530
SES 2,114,758 85,643,554,776,885,001,428,416,403,079,168
VPN 16,587,151 757,817,836,693,059,486,524,976,134,094,848
DCH 698,589,464 8,158,521,190,450,561,361,808,902,710,099,968
Proxy Types Comparison by Packages
  PX1 PX2-PX9 PX10 PX11
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Tor Exit Nodes (TOR)
Public Proxies (PUB)
Web Proxies (WEB)
Data Center Ranges (DCH) -
Search Engine Bots (SES) -
Residential Proxies (RES) - -
Enterprise Private Network (EPN) - - -
Consumer Private Network (CPN) - - -

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