IP2Proxy Perl Module

This Perl module supports all IP2Proxy™ BIN database products for querying proxy IP addresses and retrieving information such as proxy type, country, region, city, ISP name, domain name, usage type, ASN, last seen in days, and threats. The detected proxy types include virtual private networks (VPN), open proxies, web proxies, Tor exits, data center & web hosting ranges (DCH), search engine robots (SES), residential proxies (RES), consumer privacy networks (CPN), and enterprise private networks (EPN). This Perl module has been optimized for speed and memory utilization.


ZIP Installation

  1. Download IP2Proxy Perl module Geo-IP2Proxy-[version].tar.gz
  2. Decompress the module
    tar -xvfz Geo-IP2Proxy-x.xx.tar.gz
  3. Install Geo::IP2Proxy module.
    perl Makefile.PL
    make test
    make install
  4. Sign up and download IP2Proxy LITE database.
Sample Codes
use Geo::IP2Proxy;

eval {


	if (!defined($obj)) {
		print STDERR Geo::IP2Proxy::get_last_error_message();

	my $packageversion = $obj->getPackageVersion();
	my $dbversion = $obj->getDatabaseVersion();
	my $moduleversion = $obj->getModuleVersion();
	my $countryshort = $obj->getCountryShort("");
	my $countrylong = $obj->getCountryLong("");
	my $region = $obj->getRegion("");
	my $city = $obj->getCity("");
	my $isp = $obj->getISP("");
	my $domain = $obj->getDomain("");
	my $usagetype = $obj->getUsageType("");
	my $asn = $obj->getASN("");
	my $as = $obj->getAS("");
	my $lastseen = $obj->getLastSeen("");
	my $threat = $obj->getThreat("");
	my $proxytype = $obj->getProxyType("");
	my $provider = $obj->getProvider("");	
	my $isproxy = $obj->isProxy("");

	($isproxy, $proxytype, $coshort, $colong, $region, $city, $isp, $domain, $usagetype, $asn, $as, $lastseen, $threat, $provider) = $obj->getAll("");
	($isproxy, $proxytype, $coshort, $colong, $region, $city, $isp, $domain, $usagetype, $asn, $as, $lastseen, $threat, $provider) = $obj->getAll("2001:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000");

} or do {

	print STDERR Geo::IP2Proxy::get_last_error_message();

Sample IP2Proxy Databases (BIN)
Sample Packages - BIN File IPv4 + IPv6
IP2Proxy PX1 Download (20.69 MB)
IP2Proxy PX2 Download (23.17 MB)
IP2Proxy PX3 Download (27.55 MB)
IP2Proxy PX4 Download (32.29 MB)
IP2Proxy PX5 Download (33.72 MB)
IP2Proxy PX6 Download (34.01 MB)
IP2Proxy PX7 Download (36.69 MB)
IP2Proxy PX8 Download (37.84 MB)
IP2Proxy PX9 Download (37.69 MB)
IP2Proxy PX10 Download (45.43 MB)
IP2Proxy PX11 Download (46.34 MB)
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