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IP2Location IP Geolocation Splunk Add-on

This IP Geolocation Splunk add-on allows user to find the IP geolocation information about an IP address such as country codes, country name, region, city, coordinates, ZIP code, ISP, domain name, timezone, connection speed, IDD code, area code, weather station code, weather station name, MCC, MNC, mobile brand name, elevation and usage type that any IP address or host name originates from. It has been optimized for speed and memory utilization. Developers can use our IP geolocation API to query all IP2Location™ binary databases for IPv4 and IPv6 address.

  1. Follow the instructions in Github to build IP2Locationpy.
  2. Install the IP2Locationpy on each search head.
  3. Navigate to the IP2Locationpy App in the Splunk Web Interface.
Sample Codes
| NOOP | stats count | EVAL src="" | `ip2locationpy(src)`